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Gum care is always neglected while listing a beautiful shimmering smile. On an average, three out of four people over thirty-five years of age, suffer from diseased gums. Good gum care is essential for proper dental hygiene. Healthy gums are red, regular, compact and hard while unhealthy gums are spongy, dark red or very pale. Some of the symptoms of diseased gums are swollen gums, bleeding when brushing, receding gums and sensitivity. Here are some of the natural home remedies for a healthy gum.

Eat citrus fruits , like oranges, grapefruit, lemon and lime. Guavas or pomegranates should also be included in the diet to ensure healthy gums as these fruits contain large quantities of vitamin C.
Massage the gums daily with a mixture of salt, black pepper, turmeric and sesame oil.
Research indicates that honey has many anti-microbial properties perfect for fighting gum disease. It can fight bacteria with much faster rate. Simply rub some honey along the gum line after brushing and let the enzymes do their work.
If your gums bleed while brushing, change your toothbrush and buy a soft bristle toothbrush, so that you can go easy on your gums at first.
Flossing your teeth is also beneficial for your gums,as it helps clean up the area in between teeth, removing bacteria and food from your gums. However flossing can hurt, so make sure to strengthen your gums by brushing them regularly.
With a pinch of salt soaked in a glass of lukewarm water, make a homemade saline solution. This will help increase circulation in your gums and reduce the swelling. Use this to rinse in the morning and in the evening.
Rinse your moth clean after every meal.
Avoid alcohol and aspirin as it will affect the ability of the blood to clot.
Use a good mouth wash.
Check for plaque-forming conditions as buildup plaque is a prime cause of gum disease.
Plaques are formed even if the tongue is unclean. Make sure to clean your tongue twice a day with the help of a tongue cleaner.Gum diseases can become serious problem if left untreated or if treated improperly. Consult your dentist if the situation is worst you may be in need of surgical procedures

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